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Renew my mortgage to lower rate Use this question

I was wondering if I can take advantage of the situation and renew my mortgage to the current low rate mortgages.
here is my information:

Mortgage amount: $...
I have this mortgage since: Date...
My mortgage term is: ... years
i got this mortgage from: ... what bank or lender

No Credit Use this question

I have never had credit before. I have been told I cannot get qualified for mortgage unless I pay a really high interest rate.

Best Deal Use this question

How do I get the Best Deal Possible?

First Buyer Use this question

I have Never Bought A House Before, Give me some suggestion on how can i get mortgage.

Bank Mortgage Use this question

My regular bank is offering me a mortgage, but a little higher than the best quote i got. Isn’t it better to go with my bank?

What kind of mortgage Use this question

How do I know which mortgage is right for me?

Pre-Approval Use this question

If i get a pre-approval from you guys, what would be the expiration date?

RRSP Use this question

Can I use my RRSP to buy my first home?

Fix or Variable Use this question

In this economy what kind of mortgage you recommend?

Second Mortgage Use this question

I Already bought a property and looking to buy the second property,
can i do that?

Pay off debt Use this question

Can i use my mortgage to pay off my credit card or other loans?

First time buyer Use this question

Do I have any advantage as a first time buyer?

I am retired Use this question

I am retired and have a pension. Can I get a mortgage?

Not Canadian Use this question

I am not Canadian,
Can i apply for a mortgage?
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